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In winemaking, it seems that striking a balance between tradition and innovation is imperative. But it’s not always easy to reconcile the two. Every vintage presents new opportunities and new challenges, and learning to nimbly navigate an ever-changing set of variables is truly a lifetime’s work. Freya knows that every vintage begins in the vineyard; “We make wine where we are, in a style that emerges within the limits set by our cool climate. Through organic and regenerative practices, we can encourage the best that our site has to offer. Beaufort wines are fresh, bright, and food-friendly—they reflect everything about the particular vintage;  our work in the vineyard & cellar, the weather, and the nuances of the fruit.”

All of our wines are handcrafted in small batches, with decisions tailored on the crush pad to bring out the best in each variety. We don’t do recipes. 

Whites are handled gently at crush, and fermented mainly in stainless steel with an eye to preserving aromatics and acidity. We endeavour to find the right amount of time on the skins for our reds, which are then aged in either French or American oak barrels for upwards of 12 months. Vinifera single varietals will have good tannic structure, elegance & ageability. French Hybrid varieties will have softer tannins, intense colour and fruit in the glass, and an early approachability.

Sometimes, we throw all of the above out the window; like when we full cluster press for a spontaneous ferment, or when we pick just that little bit earlier for a traditional method sparkler, or when we blend a batch of Island vermouth. We make good, clean wines. And our aim is to make even better ones.

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